Your Mouth Is Part Of Your Body

UK adults without tooth decay report better general health than those suffering from this disease. Several studies confirm what UK adults feel: poor oral health means poor general health.

  • Older adults with 3 or more cavities at the gum line have more than twice the odds of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • American adults ages 52 - 74 with cavities at the gum line had a rate of heart attacks of 4.7% over a 6 year period versus 2.4% for those without this tooth decay.
  • Amongst middle aged American adults, over a 10-year period, cavities at the gum line was a more important risk factor for coronary heart disease than cholesterol.

The bacteria causing cavities is a major part of the plaque in diseased heart valves and diseased arteries. Control of this infection on your teeth is important to your overall health.